I was approached by The World Bar in Queenstown, New Zealand to create an illustration for a campaign aiming to bring awareness to the bar and it's outdoor area through the themes of adventure and exploration. They came to me with the slightly tongue in cheek idea of 'The Great Outdoors' based on all the space and greenery outside the bar, with an explorer/traveler emerging through trees to discover the bar as a warm, welcoming sight in the valley in the distance. The intention was to set up the inquisitive mind to try and find the bar within Queenstown's beautiful settings. 

Thank you very much to Steve Ward and the team at The World Bar for the opportunity!
Once a rough pencil sketch was approved by the client I made black and white vector art to establish values.
I created several colour options. The final married elements from the 2 above.
Some detail shots. The artwork was to be rolled out on a bus back and large banner so I wanted to include some finer details that would be revealed on closer inspection.
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