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Client: Self-initiated
Usage: 'Leland Palmer' piece published in Twin Peaks: Glorious & Bizarre art book
Art Direction: Self-directed

Watching Twin Peaks at 11 years of age, the American suburban fairytale that I had
grown up with through 1980s Television and Film was now permeated with dark forces
from parallel worlds and a hidden underlying reality.

This is my ongoing illustrated tribute. During a recent trip to the US I visited some of the
real world locations as I traveled through Washington State and took a lot of photographs
which helped as added reference for some of the iconic settings.

For me Twin Peaks is a disturbing, funny, absurdist exploration of the eternal struggle
between good and evil in the undercurrents of our subconscious.The mastery of mood
and setting, including the stripped-back use of vintage colour palettes to evoke nostalgia
that contrast with darker atmospheric imagery are key influences on my work.

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